Elza Browser Beta

Free for Windows, Mac & Linux

No Nonsense Web Browser

Fast, Private & Minimal

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Open Source

Source code of Elza Browser will be available on Github under the GPvL3 license.

Private Browsing

Browse Incognito 24/7 leaving no trace behind for others to steal.

Onion Routing

Inbuilt integration provides multi-layered encrypted browsing to beat surveillance.


We do not ourselves or let others collect, view, store or process any of your data.


The browser has been sandboxed with no access to outside components.


Efficient blocking of ads, trackers, and annoyances.


High performance with top benchmark scores.


We intend to have a minimal design which would also give space for creativity as we go on.

Why Elza Browser?
Elza is among the fastest to load web contents providing the best (for you) in the industry privacy policy. Its built to be on always incognito with even tor availability.
It's best to use as an incognito browser to keep your activities really private. Elza is always on incognito with an option to turn on Tor which runs much faster than even the Tor Browser.
It's completely free in the current shape and form.
We know, some might face issues in the installation. It's becasue we are yet to purchase code signing certificates which facilitates smooth installation especially for the Mac's and Windows. You can play a role here with your support.